We were in H.R College of commerce & economics perusing our under graduate degree in commerce. After our second year, we joined the most reputed college for Architecture & Interior Design, Rachna Sansad. We did a 2 year full time Diploma course in Interior design, where we actually met and became friends. After our course, we both individually explored the interior design market and got our own set of experiences by working in different reputed companies for over 7 years before we decided to start our entrepreneurial journey.

While pursing our career paths in interior designing jobs, we happened to have a conversation regarding what our future goals were, and we realised that we were both very aligned in what we wanted to create for ourselves. So taking the leap of faith in its truest sense, we figured out everything along the way and started Inner Fusion LLP in 2020.


Founder and Design Director

Miloni to Snehi

                 in conversation

So, how would you define your style?

Miloni to Snehi

How would you define your style?

There are many types of interior concepts, with the list ever-evolving. Some of them are fads and others are timeless classics that stand the test of time. Each style is comprised of distinctive furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories that give it its signature look. I think modern contemporary defines us the best.

What is the foundation for your design?

Snehi to Miloni

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

What I love about being an Interior Designer is that no day looks the same. One day I may be in a designer home goods store picking out throw pillows, and the next, I am checking out paint and fabric samples. I spend my days making spaces visually appealing, and what’s not to love about that! I get to meet new people and hear about the vision that they have for their work or living spaces. Then, I get to make it happen. I enjoy to witness ideas unfold as I work to achieve my clients’ design goals

You’re the name behind some of the most talked about restaurants…

Miloni to Snehi

Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important?

They have to work together. At a basic level, technology is essential because the point is something that delivers functionality, and design is necessary because people have to be able to enjoy it. The point is integration.

How do you avoid repeating yourself?

Snehi to Miloni

What’s your biggest inspiration?

I find inspiration in our surroundings, because we believe that inspiration is everywhere. It is all about having the eye for recognising it and the inclination to get inspired. It could be through travels, a book we read, a film we watched or just something we came across on the internet. We believe that inspiration has no boundaries, no limitations, and we encourage our team to practice the same outlook.

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Miloni to Snehi

How did you’ll come up with Inner Fusion?

Both of us started our individual careers working for several leading architects and interior designers. At one point in our lives, both of us were both very aligned in what we wanted to create for ourselves. We enjoyed working together and shared our passion for design, similar aesthetic sensibilities. This mutual enthusiasm is what encouraged us to take the initiative to start our design firm – Inner Fusion.


Clients Speak


“Creative and Amazing! I have been working with Minnie for 8 years. Not only is she technically gifted and knowledgeable but her knowledge of sustainability and earth-friendly design is also exceptional. She has also travelled to Burma with us on a couple of occasions to learn about the art and architecture of the country. She is personally involved with all the design elements and has an arsenal of talented team to support her vision.”

We strongly recommend Minnie to others so they can benefit from the creative energy she puts into all her projects.”

Ankit Gupta, Co-founder Burma Burma


“A producer dreams and the director scripts and executes.

With Minnie Bhatt designs I expressed my dreams and the concept and execution was beyond expectations! Wish them all the best! Way to go!”

Aly Morani - Film Producer


We’ve done multiple projects with Minnie Bhatt and team, and it has been a fantastic experience every time. It is beyond me how Minnie manages to bring such fresh concepts for every new project but we are certainly glad to have been working with the team and hope this association continues for many more projects to come.

Ronnie Screwvala